Sunday School: Epiphany

Happy Epiphany!

Or, at this point, post-Epiphany. :). Yes, our Christmas Decorations are still up! We will get them put away before this

Sunday School was great this week, though! It was fun to focus on the Kings/Wise Men/Magi and Worship of Christ the King!

We started by making a crown! Why a crown? Well, JackJack was eyeing the Elmo shape sorter, and I had to start with something good.


(Again, this week’s lesson was inspired by

I started by cutting slits in a paper plate. I did 4 cuts at about 45 degree angles through the center.


Then, JackJack helped me to fold up the flaps to form the crown. We decorated the crown with foam stickers the church had on hand.

JackJack loved the crown, and said he was a king. He greeted some church-goers as they came in, in his crown.

Next, I had a set of wise men, color printed.


You can see they are in pieces. I pre-cut the parts, and scrambled them on the table. I asked Jack to help me put them together. I put glue stick on the back of the pieces, and JackJack stuck them down. We started on the rightmost Wise Man, when I assisted the most.


I am really proud of how well JackJack did with the other two wise men. We focused on naming body parts, counting the wise men, comparing their crowns to JackJack’s, and then we talked about the gifts. We talked about how the Wise Men gave Jesus gifts in Worship.

Next, we read from one of JackJack’s children’s Bibles.



We counted the wise men, pointed out their crowns and gifts. At this point, we started to talk about following the star.

I used a coloring sheet as a teaching tool. We focused on three points.
1. The kings have a crowns
2. The kings followed the star
3. The kings brought Jesus precious gifts.

Can you tell which parts I colored, and which part JackJack colored?

Then we sang, you guessed it, “We Three Kings.” Verses one and five seemed best suited to our lesson so we focused on those verses and the chorus. JackJack even tried to sing along!

It was then, snack time. Snack time is the perfect time to read the Bible Story. I read JackJack the children’s version of Matthew 2: 1-12, using the coloring sheet to explain. He was still eating, so I read a poem about the wise men.


At this point, I made the connection for Jack that wise men wear crowns and JackJack had a crown. Wise men brought Jesus gifts, so JackJack can bring Jesus his gifts. In the list below, I am, of course, the brainstormer, but we discussed each idea.


I reinforced that JackJack can worship Jesus with his gifts, just like the Wise Men.

JackJack insisted on wearing his crown in the car to our second service, and for Ted and I to sing “the king song!” I’d call it a successful lesson!


Your Thoughts?

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